Free Software Repository

As well as offering bespoke software solutions, we also have generic programs which you may find useful. These are distributed for free under a General GNU license. They come with NO WARRANTY of any kind. For suggestions and improvements, please contact us.

CSV Combiner

The CSV combiner is a simple program allowing a user to combine many CSV files in to a single file. It includes the options to omit the top row and to keep a single top row on the finalised output. This program has been used to great effect when CSV files can only be downloaded on a month by month basis, but where the required output is for many years. For example, online banking exports can be easily combined in to a single sheet. Daily machine logs can be combined in to a single log covering multiple days. etc.


Date Re-Namer for Images

This program renames files in a directory to the date a picture has been taken, or the date a picture has been modified. Useful for organising images from multiple imaging devices in to a uniform format, can process thousands of pictures at a time.


External IP Monitor

A program that monitors your external IP, response/ping time, and current Download/Upload speed. Useful for diagnostics if using a multiple WAN connection, or to see how much traffic is coming in / out at any one time.


Mileage Calculator

Creates a tabulated clipboard output for mileage calculations using Google Map’s API. Specify a starting location and a finish location and the program will calculate the distance between the points according to Google. Useful for quickly doing mileage claims in to a spreadsheet, ideal for self employed people logging mileage expenses.